Companies don’t go down for what they don’t know. Companies go down for what they think they know, but isn’t so.


STE Analytics builds simulation tools that allow organizations ’management to assess the impact of decisions before they are implemented. This facilitates the work of decision makers and reduces the risk associated with decision making.

STE FORESIGHT provides tools for management to solve vicious problems and helps to reduce uncertainty in decision-making.

The service is based on the collection of your experts knowledge and coded in the form of a mathematical model. The result is a simulation tool that describes your operating environment. It allows you to test the effects of different decisions in a safe environment and make sure they produce the desired result. Based on customer feedback, the service offers a whole new perspective on describing complex societal challenges.

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Our process and how we work

1. Discovery
Deducing your market and data

The first step in any of our projects is for us to sit down with you and learn about the everyday operations, needs and aspirations of your business. We’ll take a look at your past and present data and talk with your key people to get a better idea of how the market you work in operates. From this mountain of information, we will then glean the most important components and get to work.

2. Analysis & Simulation
Modelling your business

In the second step we do what we do best: carefully analyse the core data and expert interviews testimony. Combining these two powerful sources of information allows us to discover the underlying cause-and-effect chains that drive your market’s behaviour. These causalities are then transferred into a mathematical model.

3. Delivery & Maintenance
Providing valuable answers

In the final step, we work together with your company’s best people to apply the model and generate practical answers to the questions at hand. In many customer relationships we are asked to continue our partnership by updating the model and engaging in continued joint analysis to support optimal business performance. Our goal is to see you succeed.