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STE Analytics builds simulation tools that allow organizations ’management to assess the impact of decisions before they are implemented. This facilitates the work of decision-makers and reduces the risk associated with decision-making.

STE FORESIGHT provides tools for management to solve vicious problems and helps to reduce uncertainty in decision-making.

The service is based on the collection of your experts’ knowledge and coded in the form of a mathematical model. A result is a simulation tool that describes your operating environment. It allows you to test the effects of different decisions in a safe environment and make sure they produce the desired result. Based on customer feedback, the service offers a whole new perspective on describing complex societal challenges.

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One example of recent challenging decisions is the statutory number of nurses per patient in Finland.

The problem is that the elderly do not seem to be getting enough care. This leads to a well-meaning solution, in which the caregiver-patient ratio is increased from 0.5 to 0.7. However, the problem is not so simple, as no new caregivers can be found to fill the added statutory portion. Caregivers, therefore, need to be detached to a new role by taking them away from somewhere else. In this case, it would appear that the necessary caregivers are taken from home care, which can be done under the law.


There are, in a way, two questions here, the existence of one of which was not understood:


The first and obvious is: “Do you want to ensure the well-being of the elderly by setting a binding caregiver-patient ratio?” Of course, everyone wants the elderly to receive the treatment they deserve.


The second question is more difficult: “Do we still want to increase the ratio, even if it takes caregivers out of home care and degrades the conditions of the elderly living at home and shortens the time they are able to live at home?”


After this question, the answer is no longer so easy. And sadly, this issue could not be fully taken into account in the decision.

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