Public and societal services

With over five years of experience providing consulting services to the social and health care sector, STE Analytics has established itself as a trusted partner to the public sector. We are committed to supporting social and healthcare service providers who seek to address the challenges of contemporary society and improve the well-being of citizens.

Many challenges in the public sector are so complex that traditional linear thinking does not help solve them. The risk is that well-intentioned but overly simplistic solutions create new problems.

Systemic thinking provides an opportunity to seek the best overall solution, and system dynamics is well suited for complex societal problems. We believe this can add a lot of value to how we can better understand public sector entities and thereby break down silos and improve communication between different levels of administration.

We offer our services also for education and training.

Our previous projects have included

  • Mapping the organisation structure and creating a systemic description to add value and insight without a simulation model.
  • Projects depicting workflows.
  • Overviews of project portfolios.


Through our services, we help our public sector clients identify future needs, protect themselves from various risks, reduce operational costs, and increase operational efficiency.

How do our solutions help the healthcare sector?

  • Our ability to anticipate and quickly respond to the constantly changing situation in social and health services is essential for better resource planning and allocation.
  • We offer data-based analytical solutions to the public sector, based on the latest research and data analysis, enabling social and health service providers to make informed decisions that promote both service quality and financial responsibility.

Our clients, leading providers of social and health services in the public sector, trust our ability to provide accurate and timely information critical to their operational efficiency and strategic planning. STE Analytics is committed to ongoing innovation and collaboration to help social and health care sector players achieve sustainable impact and well-being in society.

Better insight on background, better communication forward

In one of our modelling projects in the healthcare sector, an essential challenge to be solved included the impact of nurse staffing on workforce adequacy in other areas of care, and how, as a consequence, closed bed spaces caused queues if the course was not reversed.

Another challenge was related to better understanding of the workload. Staff communicated that there was a burden, although monitored metrics showed that work had decreased. However, the modelling project was able to provide a more realistic picture of the workload and factors causing it.

Factors that were included were for example additional work related to documentation, the effects of experience structure, turnover and temporary workforce usage, and more demanding patients.

Security sector

STE Analytics has extensive experience working with the security sector, providing expert services to support its maintenance and development. We provide solutions to anticipate trends, optimise workloads, reduce costs, and strengthen operational performance.

How do our solutions help the security sector?

  • Our services are designed to meet the high demands of the security sector and provide reliable support in decision-making.
  • We specialise in data-based analytics and strategic planning, enabling effective use of critical information to solve security challenges and develop new operational methods.
  • Our collaboration covers in-depth analysis, risk management, and market intelligence, all of which are vital elements in creating an effective security strategy.
  • We help to maintain societal order and security through innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Our clients value our ability to provide accurate and timely information critical to their operational efficiency and strategic planning. STE Analytics is committed to long-term partnership, ensuring sustainable security and stability through innovative and effective solutions.

More value and better quality.

Foresight and risk management

By employing a structural causal model designed by us, you can consider a much broader range of undesirable side effects than might otherwise come to mind. It enables effective risk management and anticipating the undesirable consequences of seemingly right decisions.

Data-driven leadership

Co-operation with us happens at the executive level. When needed, we are able to offer continuous proactive insights into market variables and their contributing factors. Your whole executive leadership will receive tools for addressing recurring problems in the best possible way, minimising undesirable side effects.

Strategy development

We provide you with a transparent model that depicts your operating environment. With the support of STE Analytics, you can drive, shape, interpret, and draw conclusions from various possible scenarios, and make the best possible strategic decisions.

Resource allocation

Our solutions help you in identifying local leverage points, and if a specific outcome is desired, you can easily determine which action most effectively leads to it. No more wasted resources due to insufficient insight.

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