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We are STE Analytics

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Long experience in providing confidence.

STE Analytics is a Finnish-based, employee-owned company. Our journey began in 1997 when we originally applied system dynamics in forest industry decision-making. Since then we have provided valuable insights, fresh perspectives, and unique expertise for various industries and sectors internationally.

A tried-and-tested method that clients find valuable.

We offer support on decision-making that is based on a method called system dynamics, which comprises mathematics, psychology, quantified human experience, and advanced simulation models. Time and time again, our clients have found our solutions to be valuable to their business – our repeat order rate is over 80%.

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Our core values.

We are honest and transparent.

Our main principle is to give our clients honest information, even when our models challenge their present thinking practices. Transparency does not show only in our models, but also in the way that we operate with our clients.

We produce high quality.

High quality equals analyses and models that give our clients confidence to make decisions that they would have otherwise been hesitant to make. They must also gain new insights into their business and operations, and new tools to develop them.

In our solutions we rely on facts and facts only.

As mathematicians and engineers, we believe in accurate, measurable data, and real, honest information that hasn’t been diluted in any way. This means that we are working hard to differentiate facts out of beliefs by validating the opinions by data or expert consensus.

We believe in structural simplicity over apparent complexity.

A main component of our method is system dynamics. It is designed to understand the dynamic behaviour of complex systems. Even complex behaviour often stems from very simple structures. Structural simplicity is not only intrinsic to our work – it is also beautiful.

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Fresh perspectives.

We provide an unbiased, fresh perspective on your operational environment. We help you in discovering the opportunities and simulating the impacts of your initiatives to formulate a robust business case. We support you across all the phases of your system transformation journey, and in finding and capturing the hidden value along the way.

New insights.

We help clients solve complex, risk-prone problems, make informed decisions, and anticipate risks. We bring new insights to sustain and develop operations in businesses and public administration. Our services add value and concretise new ways of doing business for our clients. STE Analytics creates smart, less obvious, and sustainable solutions to problems and challenges in business and in our society as a whole.

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Contact us.

Pekka Aarnisalo, CEO and co-founder of STE Analytics.

Pekka Aarnisalo

CEO, Co-founder
Osmo Salonen, senior consultant at STE Analytics, and co-founder.

Osmo Salonen

Senior Consultant, Co-founder
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