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The main benefits of working with us.

Easier decision-making

We facilitate your decision-making and help you obtain a fresh perspective that leads to the confidence to respond to challenges in the best possible way – not only when and how, but also why.

  • Diverse justifications to support decision-making.
  • Help in considering the whole in decision-making instead of siloed optimisation.
  • Through a justified comprehensive view, incorporating your organisation’s information extensively and validated by simulation.
  • Scenario work to test the effects of decisions and various decision-related variables, such as the extent of action or timing.
  • Through simulation, providing an understanding of the expected outcome.
  • Causal modelling to achieve consensus, making it easier to justify to others why a particular solution would be best and most sustainable for the system – when others understand the rationale and agree, implementing the decision becomes easier.

Solving and mitigating problems

Our experts help you to gain valuable insights on cause-and-effect relationships, system principles, and where the current situation is leading and how it can and whether it should be influenced.

  • Get a glimpse of possible side effects and identify leverage points.
  • Understand the engines of success and the points where negative developments can be addressed.
  • See the structural background of the problem, and address the root cause instead of just treating the symptoms, for example by changing the structure.
  • Enable more lasting problem-solving while minimising unwanted side effects by using system dynamics.
  • Provide solutions to long-standing why did this happen again -type of problems and consider the entire system with its constraints, feedback loops, and delays.
  • Find solutions to the problem but also explain why the problem occurred and why it was resolved in a certain way.
  • Provide justified solutions to other stakeholders by using our causal models – when others understand the rationale better, they support the decisions made.

Every time system dynamics is used to solve a problem, insight grows. Your thinking evolves to the extent that when a problem arises, you can automatically think of possible root causes and consider sustainable solutions and possible side effects!

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Better bottom line

Especially in the business world, being on time can be very lucrative. With simulation models based on system dynamics, the timing and intensity of actions can be optimised.

  • Achieve more value and better quality with what you already have in use.
  • Stay ahead of the competition.
  • Use simulation models to run scenarios, and reduce costs and unnecessary risks.

More insights to your operation

We enable you to get fresh data-based analysis that is pertinent to the situation at hand – and valuable permanent insights into your whole business.

  • Distinguish essential from non-essential aspects.
  • Perform sensitivity runs with simulations to test which parameters have such significant system-wide effects that even small changes cause large-scale impacts.
  • Observe how other parameters and their significant variations may hardly affect the system’s processes.
  • See the cause-and-effect chains and better understand your position and possibilities for influence.

We obtain valuable information about the internal processes of your organisation through expert interviews. Only when this tacit knowledge is made visible and, if necessary, questioned, is it possible to influence the culture.

For example, if a common way of making decisions actually leads to a certain type of undesirable system behaviour, this practice should be changed. Sometimes, just communicating the finding is enough, while other times, changing perspectives is a very laborious process despite evidence.

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Pekka Aarnisalo, CEO and co-founder of STE Analytics.

Pekka Aarnisalo

CEO, Co-founder
Osmo Salonen, senior consultant at STE Analytics, and co-founder.

Osmo Salonen

Senior Consultant, Co-founder
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