Data-Driven Decision Making Through Advanced Simulations

Navigating complex industrial challenges? Transform uncertainties into actionable insights with our mathematical models and advanced simulations. In addition, we provide you with the logical reasoning for our findings.

In today’s complex industrial landscape, making the wrong decision can cost millions. Our team of expert mathematicians and engineers crafts simulation models tailored to your operating environment, allowing you to foresee both short-term and long-term consequences. With us, eliminate uncertainties and safeguard your company from expensive missteps.

STE Foresight™

Mathematics and psychology to support decision making

STE FORESIGHT provides tools for management to solve vicious problems. It also helps to reduce uncertainty in decision-making.

STE FORESIGHT ™ Simulation Products:

IN strategic foresight

Strengthen your strategic thinking skills by finding the structures behind the events

STE TRAINING In Strategic Foresight invites you to see your operating environment in a new light as you start to understand it in a systemic level.

STE FORESIGHT ™ Training Products:


STE Analytics is an independent company owned by its devoted employees.

Pekka Aarnisalo

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Get to know pekka

Mr. Pekka Aarnisalo
M.Sc. (Econ), M.Sc. (Eng)
Pekka Aarnisalo has been serving as the CEO of STE Analytics Oy since 2016.

Pekka’s career is marked by the development and supervision of numerous business models and market strategies. His extensive experience extends to solving challenges in a variety of sectors, including forest products, public services, and energy industries.

Under Pekka’s leadership, STE Analytics has applied the system dynamics approach to industrial markets, aiding multinational corporations in understanding their operations as systems in relation to competitors and customers. His contributions have significantly influenced strategic planning, purchasing, product pricing, business valuation, M&As, and divestments.

Pekka can be contacted by email at pekka.aarnisalo(a) or by phone at +358 44 5844831.

OSMO Salonen

Senior Consultant, Partner and Co-Founder


STE Analytics partner Osmo Salonen is an expert in simulation-based consulting services and currently serves as a senior consultant to the firm. Before co-founding the company, he worked for several years as a management consultant and data scientist for Systems Thinking Europe. His work experience also includes various management roles for an e-commerce company, and extensive experience in the commodity markets of industrial chemicals and consumer services.


Outside the office he is an enthusiastic photographer and plays several sports. Mr Salonen holds a M.Sc. degree in technology.

Osmo can be contacted by email at osmo.salonen(a) or by phone at +358 44 5727479.


Senior Consultant, Partner and Co-Founder

get to know nella

Nella Lehti is a senior consultant and co-founder of STE Analytics. She has several years of experience in consulting, model building and data analysis for the pulp, paper, board and sawn wood industries. Prior to her work at STE Analytics, she was employed at Systems Thinking Europe.


For her, a perfect day at the office entails juggling with the data at her computer until the practical causalities behind the numbers are revealed. In her free time she enjoys music, learning Japanese and walking in the woods. Ms Lehti holds a M.Sc. degree in applied mathematics.

Nella can be contacted by email at nella.lehti(a) or by phone at +358 44 5501876.

Tero Kaleva

Senior Adviser and Member of the Board

get to know tero

Tero Kaleva was appointed senior advisor and board member to STE Analytics after serving in the same positions at Systems Thinking Europe. Prior to this, he worked as a general manager and team leader at AEL, a Finnish technical training company, and its subsidiary in Shanghai, China. This was preceded by corporate administration and marketing positions in several Finnish paper industries and the Asian company, Sinar Mas. Mr Kaleva holds a M.Sc. degree in Forestry.


Tero can be contacted by email at tero.kaleva(a) or by phone at +358 50 5987019.

MINNA Soittila


get to know minna

Minna Soittila works as a consultant at STE Analytics. Ms Soittila has mostly worked with paper industry models. Prior to joining STE, she studied mathematics at the University of Helsinki, visual arts at the University of Lapland, and taught mathematics to high school students.

In her work, Ms Soittila is particularly enthusiastic about the creativity required when building the models. She also enjoys learning new things when studying the various industries that she works with. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and doing many kinds of arts and crafts. Ms Soittila holds an MSc in mathematics and an MFA in visual arts education.

Minna can be contacted by email at
minna.soittila(at) or by phone at +358407662224.