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The confidence
to make the right decisions
stems from a fresh perspective.

Tired of leading by guesswork?
Make every decision count.

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For industry and services

We help a variety of industries and service providers to solve complex strategic problems and to gain permanent insight on their business. We enable you to achieve more value and better quality with what you already have in use. Predict shifts in your operating environment, avoid unnecessary risks, and look around the corner of the business cycle!

For public sector operations

System dynamics, the method STE Analytics employs, is widely used internationally to address challenges in the public sector, and we recognise that many of them are so complex that traditional linear approaches are insufficient for solving them. We provide tools and solutions that bring clarity to the operating environment and offer confidence in decision-making.

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Here’s how we help you make every decision count.

We build a structural causal model.

A structural causal model illustrates human decision-making processes, capturing not only the theoretical ideal but also the practical reality of how decisions are actually made. The completely transparent model is always built in collaboration with the client and based on expert interviews and data analysis.

We run simulations to assess and test different scenarios.

Simulation is a risk-free way to test how different measures or events are expected to affect the whole situation or a scenario. Our completely transparent simulations reveal unexpected side effects and provide new information on expected effects. They can also be run forward in time, providing foresight.

We come up with tangible solutions that can be put to practice immediately.

Our solutions and strategic tools help you describe and understand the behaviour of your operating environment, supporting your organisation in running, shaping, and interpreting scenarios. Ultimately, they are designed to empower your confidence to make the right decisions.

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Pekka Aarnisalo, CEO and co-founder of STE Analytics.

Pekka Aarnisalo

CEO, Co-founder
Osmo Salonen, senior consultant at STE Analytics, and co-founder.

Osmo Salonen

Senior Consultant, Co-founder
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