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Resource allocation

Our solutions help you identify local leverage points. If a specific outcome is desired, you can easily determine which actions will most effectively achieve it. This ensures resources are used efficiently, minimising waste due to insufficient insight.

Personnel management

Our models help address a variety of personnel challenges, including:

  • Determining short and long-term personnel needs.
  • Forecasting personnel structure changes due to retirements and new training.
  • Estimating the time required for new trainees to become effective workforce members.
  • Identifying challenges caused by changes in experience structure and any temporary need for additional workforce.
  • Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of internal vs. external replacement activity, and the appropriate volume for internal replacements.
  • Assessing whether it is counterproductive to use permanent staff as substitutes.
  • Analysing the long-term impact of overtime work, leave transfers, and regulations.
  • Identifying additional resources needed to relieve a backlog of work.
  • Estimating the time required to train new workers and determining the necessary training levels.
  • Assessing how quickly externally sourced labour can meet needs.
  • Understanding the impact of these changes on workplaces, such as increased workload when current workers act as interpreters.

Process optimisation

Our models allow you to identify the optimal values for key variables across different future scenarios. This capability is invaluable as it enables you to run thousands of simulations, computationally searching for the most favourable outcomes.

Cost-effective optimisation

By implementing optimisation runs in varying scenarios, you can cost-effectively determine the best course of action. Different scenarios may yield different optimal values, but our simulation tools help you choose the most likely successful future and select the best parameter set.

Flexible solutions

We offer algorithm-based optimization for process improvements and simpler industrial challenges, ensuring efficient and precise adjustments. For larger scopes where human decision-making must be considered, we provide model-based solutions. These models incorporate complex factors, including timing and market conditions, to guide strategic decisions.

By using our models, you can enhance decision-making, reduce risks, and improve efficiency, ensuring that your processes are optimised for the best possible outcomes.

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