Decision-making in companies is increasingly supported by data analysis, mathematical models and simulation. These are crucial factors when it comes to understanding market behaviour and developing solutions based on facts and figures. This is where STE Analytics excels.

We use system dynamics to combine data science, computer science and business domain expertise to support client implementation of innovative, data-driven business solutions.

The business leaders and decision-makers of today are constantly forced to make assumptions about the future. What will happen if I make this decision? What will happen if we don’t act? It may seem impossible to test the impact of many decisions beforehand.

By utilizing computer simulation and data analysis, however, these future uncertainties can be significantly reduced. At STE Analytics, this is our speciality.

Our customers often come to us with questions about difficult business decisions that they will have to make in the near future. By combining our customers’ practical business knowledge with the available data, our data analysis and simulation expertise has helped to make better decisions.

For example, we do a lot of work for companies in the commodity markets. In such a competitive environment a single decision can have a momentous impact on the profitability of the company, or even the whole industry. It is essential that our clients learn which information affects their actions most.

Our approach to markets differs from most other data analysis companies. We search for causality – not correlation. We don’t put much weight on traditional economic theories and highly value the practical knowledge our customer experts contribute to our process.

Our goal is to assist our clients to use the information we provide to generate more revenue, cut costs and learn more about the market in which they operate.


Key personnel

STE Analytics is an independent company owned by it’s devoted employees.

Pekka Aarnisalo

Pekka Aarnisalo

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Prior to founding STE Analytics, Pekka spent close to two decades in various positions at the management consultancy Systems Thinking Europe, a company using system dynamics to solve complex business issues. Before this, he worked at an analysis firm developing business simulation games  for various industries.

When not enthusiastically pursuing practical and elegant solutions to client conundrums, Mr Aarnisalo enjoys trekking, cooking and reading. He holds two M.Sc. degrees, in engineering and economics.

Pekka can be contacted by email at pekka.aarnisalo(a)steanalytics.com or by phone at +358 44 5844831.

Nella Lehti

Nella Lehti

Senior Consultant, Partner and Co-Founder

Nella Lehti is a senior consultant and co-founder of STE Analytics. She has several years of experience in consulting, model building and data analysis for the pulp, paper, board and sawn wood industries. Prior to her work at STE Analytics, she was employed at Systems Thinking Europe.

For her, a perfect day at the office entails juggling with the data at her computer until the practical causalities behind the numbers are revealed. In her free time she enjoys music, learning Japanese and walking in the woods. Ms Lehti holds a M.Sc. degree in applied mathematics.

Nella can be contacted by email at nella.lehti(a)steanalytics.com or by phone at +358 44 5501876.

Tero Kaleva

Tero Kaleva

Senior Adviser and Member of the Board

Tero Kaleva was appointed senior advisor and board member to STE Analytics after serving in the same positions at Systems Thinking Europe. Prior to this, he worked as a general manager and team leader at AEL, a Finnish technical training company, and its subsidiary in Shanghai, China. This was preceded by corporate administration and marketing positions in several Finnish paper industries and the Asian company, Sinar Mas. Mr Kaleva holds a M.Sc. degree in Forestry.

Tero can be contacted by email at tero.kaleva(a)steanalytics.com or by phone at +358 50 5987019.

Osmo Salonen

Osmo Salonen

Senior Consultant, Partner and Co-Founder

STE Analytics partner Osmo Salonen is an expert in simulation-based consulting services and currently serves as a senior consultant to the firm. Before co-founding the company, he worked for several years as a management consultant and data scientist for Systems Thinking Europe. His work experience also includes various management roles for an e-commerce company, and extensive experience in the commodity markets of industrial chemicals and consumer services.

Outside the office he is an enthusiastic photographer and plays several sports. Mr Salonen holds a M.Sc. degree in technology.

Osmo can be contacted by email at osmo.salonen(a)steanalytics.com or by phone at +358 44 5727479.

Minna Soittila

Minna Soittila


Minna Soittila works as a consultant at STE Analytics. Ms Soittila has mostly worked with paper industry models. Prior to joining STE, she studied mathematics at the University of Helsinki, visual arts at the University of Lapland, and taught mathematics to high school students for a few years.

In modeling, Ms Soittila is particularly enthusiastic about the creativity required in the work. She also enjoys learning new things as the industry expertise is gathered to form a base for the modelling process. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and doing many kinds of handicrafts. Ms Soittila holds a MSc in mathematics and MFA in visual arts education.

Minna can be contacted by email at
minna.soittila(at)steanalytics.com or by phone at +358407662224.



Fisher International

Founded in 1985, Fisher International is a business intelligence consulting firm that supports the global pulp and paper industry’s strategic and operational practices with a unique combination of rich marketplace data, powerful analytics and expert consulting. Their products and services are used by the industry’s producers, suppliers, investors and end-users around the world every day.

Fisher and STE Analytics collaborate under the name of Fisher-STE in the development and distribution of STE Analytics’ unique mathematical models. These advanced tools allow executives to foresee the impact of major decisions they make on capacity, inventory, investments, pricing, and others and to optimize those decisions for profit. Markets covered include hardwood and softwood pulp, container-board, OCC, uncoated papers, coated papers, crude oil, and others.