STE TRAINING In Strategic Foresight – Who to blame?

The same problems keep arising time after time. You really thought you were better prepared, but here you are again: profitability is low, order inflow crawls, your inventory level keeps rising and growth seems to have stagnated for good. Who is to blame?

Structures – Known And Unknown – Lead To Unexpected Behaviors

To find the source of a problem, one must look at it on a deeper level. Usually, decision-makers choose the best possible solutions according to their view of the situation. However, problems start to arise when their view is not the whole view.

We believe that the whole picture can be revealed by studying the underlying structures from which these problems emerge. Interestingly, those same structures might be deployed to create self-reinforcing success. In our training, your experts will work together with us to create a deeper understanding of the structure of your business.

The session consists of two parts. In the first part, we share our insights on how understanding the underlying structure has helped organizations and industries before. In the second part, your experts work together with us to build a structural map of your organization.

With these new insights, you and your team will be able to better find those points in your organization’s structure that cause repeated problems. You will also develop an idea about how you can change them to improve your business. You might even be able to turn them into self-reinforcing structures of success.

STE TRAINING In Strategic Foresight


  • Introducing the basic building blocks of dynamic thinking
  • Building a causal description of your own market / organization
  • Applying the causal in practice
  • Creating a new perspective and new tools to support thinking that helps you to perceive the whole
  • Tracking results in a new way (from key performance indicators to key success loops) Identifying self-reinforcing loops (the factors that make it possible to successfully exploit self-reinforcing loops to make them work for you and not against you)
    Finding your company’s key leverage points


  • 2,5 hours (Two one-hour sets with a break in the middle)


    • At your company’s premises, at our premises in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, or remotely online

    To whom

    • Middle management, management, senior executives, and BI


    • A mathematician and experienced modeler with extensive experience in applying a systemic approach to management decision making


    • If you are not happy with the training, you will not be invoiced


    • 799 € / participant (excl. VAT)

    Bring Your Experts’ Strategical Thinking To A New Level

    1.  After the training you’ll be able to answer the following questions:
    2. Where does the surprising behavior of the market arise?
    3. How to find effective measures?
    4. Why does the market turn and how could we predict it?
    5. What is the impact of our own decisions to our success?
    6. How to avoid bounded rationality?

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